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Find out more about the variety of ethnic dance classes offered at the World Dance Centre. Classes are organized by Impact Levels and Classes for Girls and Teens. For some common questions, a FAQ is located at the bottom of the page.


Low Impact Classes


American Tribal Style Bellydance

The primary characteristic of American Tribal Style Bellydance is group improvisation. ATS includes everything from folkloric inspired dances (such as the original Bal Anat) to a fusion of ancient dance techniques from North India, the Middle East, Spain and Africa. As a general dance category, Tribal Style covers many flavors of American bellydance from folkloric inspired, fusion and crossover styles which explore modern, jazz, dance theatre and hip hop with bellydance; as well as fusion with traditional classical ethnic dance forms like Bhangra, Bharata Natyam, Flamenco and even Polynesian and West African Dance.

Bellydance Level 1: 0-1 years of experience

If you’ve never bellydanced before or have been bellydancing for less than one year, this class is perfect for you. Students learn basic moves, correct posture, isolations, cultural background and more. Have a great time developing coordination, balance and grace while toning your muscles. To help student develop and improve, a short choreographed dance will be taught!

Moderate Impact Level Classes


Bellyfit is the holistic fitness experience for women that blends the power and wisdom of ancient cultures with the research, technology and trends of the modern world. Designed exclusively for the female body, mind and spirit, Bellyfit offers a full body, full of spirit, extraordinary exercise experience in a safe, effective, intelligent group fitness format guaranteed to satisfy women’s desire to feel beautiful, strong and healthy.

In the first half hour of the class, burn mega calories, relieve stress and get the sweat flowing with fun, easy to learn cardio moves infused with the ancient and beautiful fundamentals of Belly Dance, Bollywood and African Dance. During the second half of the class, enjoy sculpting, toning and tightening with Pilates inspired core work, a deep yet relaxing Yoga inspired stretch and mindful Mudra Meditation.

Beginner Bollywood: No experience required

This exciting dance form, popular all over the world, fuses elements of Indian Classical and Folk dance with western influences resulting in a unique exotic style.

Ladies’ Styling Salsa and Bachata

New York Style Salsa is refined, sexy and exciting. This class focuses on the basics including footwork, hands, posture and turns. Students can dance without a partner and learn a short choreographed dance to be performed at the recital (always optional).

Bellydance Drills: 6+ months of experience

Work on the precision and coordination needed to master every step. This class focuses on helping students perform clean movements while respecting the musicality of a piece. It’s a necessary class to advance your dance to the next level. This class is recommended for bellydancers and Bollywood dancers alike. Come ready to work out!

Bellydance Level 2: 1 + years of experience

This challenging class will help you improve your technique and learn new and exciting steps. Students will learn a full choreography to help you implement these steps and improve arms, posture, feet, musicality and expression.

Bellydance Level 3: Instructor’s approval required

This class will focus on a more in-depth study of the musicality, history and background of bellydance as well as in drills and improvisation. Students will learn about the most important folkloric dances and their influence in Oriental dance. Also, Bring a pen and a notebook, but, be ready to dance! This class will be fun, challenging and fast paced. Dedicated student commitment required.

High Impact Level Classes

Bhangra: No experience required. Men encouraged.

If you’ve never heard of Bhangra before, that’s just one more reason to try it! This amazing dance is a fantastic cardio workout. Your legs and back will¬†thank you. Originally from India, this folkloric dance form has¬†taken over the world. Bhangra will help you burn calories and make you smile, guaranteed! A choreographed dance will be taught as well as the cultural background.

Zumba: No experience required

This is the best party in town! Come and workout while enjoying the best of world dance. Some of the styles being used will be¬†Merengue, Regueton, Hip Hop, Salsa and more! The time will fly with this amazing workout class. Great for people who can’t commit to a weekly schedule. Drop in friendly and beginner friendly.

Classes for Girls and Teens

Bollywood and Bhangra

This class is offered for girls from 5 to 10 years old. Students will learn the steps that have made these dance forms popular around the world plus a short choreographed dance to perform at our recital.


I’ve never danced before or I’ve danced very little. Is that ok?
Yes, that’s ok. Having the desire to learn is what’s important. You don’t have to to¬†know how to dance or to be good at it. You’ll become coordinated and fit through practice and the more you dance the better you get at it.

Do I need special clothing or costume?
No. Regular workout clothes will do. Make sure to bring plenty of water.

Do I have to perform at the end of the session?
No. Performance opportunities are available for those wishing to participate, but they aren’t mandatory.

How fast can I master a dance style?
Like learning a language, learning a dance style takes¬†patience. A lot of practice and time is required, so it’s important to have realistic expectations regarding your progress. For instance, a bellydancer is considered a beginner for at least the first year of instruction. However there are many rewards you’ll receive during this learning process. Dancing will make you smile every day.

Is there an age limit?
No. If you’re a healthy individual of any age, you should be able to dance low and moderate impact dances. If you’re in doubt, talk to your doctor about the kinds of exercise and physical activity you’re interested in.